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540 Leon Ave
Kelowna, BC    V1Y6J6

We are Kelowna’s First Childcare and Co-Working Facility

Sick of multiple daycare drop-offs, parental guilt and lack of time to get things done? Whether you're an entrepreneur or an employee, you know how hard it is to be productive with kids at home. If your kids are currently in daycare, you know how defeating it can be to have to spend 1-2+ hours a day driving to and from daycare.

At ProducKIDvity, we believe that productivity is possible for working parents if we eliminate the barriers to success. Our childcare academy and co-working facility live under one roof where you have access to a quiet place to work, while knowing your child is in the best hands only steps away. We offer dedicated check-ins during the day, including a regularly scheduled lunch program for you and your little one to visit throughout the day.