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Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

What is CommunityVotes?

Our mission is to provide each community a place where its members can recognize the outstanding businesses and services that make our lives that much better each day.

CommunityVotes has provided a platform for millions of people to nominate and vote for anything from their favourite place to dine on the weekend, the friendly mechanic who they trust when they are in a bind, or the realtor who helped them move into their perfect home in the right neighbourhood.

Community-driven recognition of local businesses and services provide key insights that can help you make the most of your important purchases and save you time finding the trusted business to get the job done right.

With each nomination and vote, you help make your community a better and more friendly place to live.

Join the conversation and have your say.

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The Nomination Round

What is the Nomination Round?

The Nomination Round serves two purposes:

  1. It is when you have the chance to add your favourite businesses from your community. Want to reward your favourite hairstylist? Nominate them! Think your plumber did a great job? Nominate them!
  2. The nomination round is also when the public decides which businesses should make it to the Voting Round. At the end of the nomination round, the nominations are tallied and the top businesses in each category will move on to the Voting Round.
I just added a business to a category. Why isn’t showing up?
New nominations must first be reviewed by an administrator. It can sometimes take a few days.
How do I add my business to the list?
During the nomination round, you can visit the category into which you'd like to nominate the business and fill in the "Add Business to List" section at the bottom of the page.
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The Voting Round

What is the Voting Round?
This is where it all counts. Vote for your favourite businesses and services. The most votes win!
Why do I need to login?
In the voting round, things tighten up a bit. We require you to sign up to make sure that every vote comes from a real account.
How many times can I vote?

An account is associated with your email address and each email address is allowed one vote per business per category.

Where did a business go? It was there in the nomination round.
Only the businesses with the most number of nominations move on to the voting round.
How do I add my business to the list during the voting round?
Nominating new businesses is only possible during the nomination round. The voting round is for businesses who received enough nominations to move on.
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The Winners Round

How many winners are there in each category?
There are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners as well as any Top Pick honorable mentions in each category.
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Promote Your Business

What are profile packages?

Profile packages are a great way to promote your businesses and REACH OUT.

Package includes:

  • Profile Page
  • Enhanced Category Listing
  • Promotional Material

Profile Page is a page just for your business. It highlights your nominated categories and shows the most important information about your business, including your address, contact information and a map, as well as a brief description.

STAND OUT from the crowd on category pages with your Enhanced Category Listing. Any category your business is nominated in will include a link to your Profile Page, where all of your social media links are listed!

Get your customers to support you in the campaign! Download custom promotional material for use in your social media, printed hand-outs, in-store posting, and more. Promo material includes your business name, link to Profile Page and scannable QR code. Includes business card, table tent and poster designs.

Learn More About Profile Packages