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The Kinesiology Prescription

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The Kinesiology Prescription

460 Yamaoka Court
Kelowna, BC    V1X 6B3

The Kinesiology Prescription uses new, old and alternative ways to help you achieve fitness goals, live pain free and build a positive and healthy lifestyle. No body is the same, no injury is the same and no goal is the same, so why should anyone get the same treatment! The Kinesiology Prescription creates customized plans for your personal journey. Whether you come in with an injury, looking for weight loss and toning, want to increase muscle strength or just want to feel better, this is where you'll get that. Our mission is to improve each individuals quality of life. We are a place where clients can feel in charge of their health and learn to maintain and increase their overall fitness and healthy lifestyle at any age!


To book an appointment call/text 778-866-1320 or visit our website at