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Dawn Thalheimer Coaching

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Dawn Thalheimer Coaching

1318 Lombardy Square
Kelowna, BC

Dawn Thalheimer, Women's Body Coach. I help women lose weight, feel great and thrive during perimenopause and beyond. 

With a background in personal training and nutrition coaching I have seen countless women struggling with the phases of menopause. They are overwhelmed, frustrated and feel like nothing is working. These are smart, successful women juggling the demands of family, career and aging parents, all while feeling like a failure in their pursuit of well-being.

I created the Perimenopause Body Code Program to help these women go from confused to confident and feel good in their bodies again. 

It has all the tools you need to eat better, build strength, get quality sleep, de-stress and create a supportive community - no magic pills or intimidating workouts required!

Stop struggling, start thriving! Contact me today at or visit for more info.