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Angela Moore - IG Wealth Management

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Angela Moore - IG Wealth Management

Landmark 6, 1631 Dickson Ave
Floor 6
Kelowna, BC    V1Y 0B5

Our personal and financial lives have become increasingly complex. That is why we believe there’s never been a better time for truly comprehensive holistic planning - one that looks at every dimension of your financial life, not just investments. 

We work with a range of clients and their families. Our team specializes in multigenerational planning in the Central Okanagan. Whether your a millenial getting ready to buy your first home, or a pre-retiree exiting your working era, we design financial plans encompassing all areas of your wealth designed to handle tax efficiently.  Your major purchase, retirement and estate plan should be thorough to ensure that your wealth is protected for generations to come.

Forming lifelong relationships with my clients is at the heart of everything I do. On top of comprehensive planning, this is one of the key things they say sets me apart from other advisors in the field. Our client/planner relationship gives me an edge to build a financial plan with deeper understanding and greater clarity. It is a financial plan we build together - we call it your ‘Living Plan” because it evolves as you and your family do. At its core is a powerful, cutting-edge planning tool that considers the “what if” scenarios you may want to look at, and then adjusts your plan accordingly.  In my experience, this type of “living plan” has helped transform the way my clients and their families live their lives – for the better.

My team and I also work toward investment outcomes and solutions that strive to provide optimal risk-adjusted returns over the long term.  At IG, we use a rigorous selection process to partner with world class asset managers that provide best-in-class investment expertise from across the globe.  This approach enables me to provide clients with exclusive access to the types of investments typically available to large institutional investors.

If you think that we can be of service to you, please book a one hour no-obligation, “Discovery Meeting” on our website